The Workshop on Composition and Sound Experimentation provides the first confirmations of Festival Mixtur 2015. Composers Agustí Charles, Ramon Lazkano and Clara Maïda will participate actively in the festival, leading the Workshop. Also, the Reading Panel developed by the students in the same workshop will feature collaboration of the renowned Ensemble Recherche, German group with more 30 years of experience and responsible for more than 500 premieres of the most important contemporary repertoire in recent decades. Two of the State’s best formations in new musics will accompany them: the Catalans CrossingLines and the Galicians Vertixe Sonora Ensemble.

On the other hand, Festival Mixtur 2015 commissions new works by the composers Nuria Núñez Hierro, Mateu Malondra, Iñaki Estrada Torio and Agustí Charles and we can announce the presence of 2e2m, one of the oldest and most distinguished French ensembles dedicated to today’s musical creation, performing at the festival on April 26. Also this edition Festival Mixtur counts on l’Auditori’s collaboration to present the concert of Phill Niblock at Fundació Tàpies on April 25.

Soon we will explain you all the program of the next Festival Mixtur!