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Now you can check out the tab Previous projects with all the Festival Mixtur’s history: the beginning with the commitment to Core and periphery , the creation of the Festival Mixtur itself on 2013 with more thant 70 artists and all the contents of the last edition with the Workshop on Composition and Sound Experimentation ruled by José Manuel López López and the ensemble Taller Sonoro. You can stroll through these three years of Festival Mixtur and to know each activity, each work, each composer, each artist here.

Summary of Festival Mixtur 2014

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We start the new season with many news for the Festival Mixtur 2015 but now we bring you the video summary of the Festival Mixtur 2014, with interviews to Agusti Fernandez, Eva Sandoval, Nacho de Paz, José Manuel López López, Panayiotis Kokoras, Joakim Sandren, Fabià Santcovsky, Hui Hui Cheng i Agustí Charles. Festival Mixtur 2014 from FESTIVAL MIXTUR on Vimeo.